Breaking free to the ultimate you!


Pete, my coach!!! He brings out the best in me; encourages me to take that bold step—to accept myself and others; he stimulates my thinking procecess by asking me the perfect questions; holds me accountable for my own words, actions, and beyond; challenges me to consider the consequences of actions vs. non action; instills confidence; allows me to unfold and to discover myself like I’ve never done before; and restores joy and peace in my heart—and I’m for ever grateful for that! ~P.

As an entrepreneur and mother of three children, I am continually looking for practical and inspiring insights to my busy life. Peter Allen is one of the few sources I trust enough to turn to for strategies that improve my business productivity and resolve business crises. I am especially grateful to him for making himself available beyond the regularly scheduled hours. Pete is everything you would expect of a great coach. He is an incredible listener, empathizing with you, yet never allowing you to dwell on issues for too long. His aim is to move you forward, to keep focused on long-range goals—both personal and professional. Life coaching with Pete is inspiring, positive, proactive…a MUST for anyone serious about wanting a positive and successful life. If you are really serious about making significant changes in your life or need a sounding board to help sort out; give him a call! ~C.R.

Thank you so much for being my coach. You’ve helped me so much in discovering myself, restoring my relationship with my husband; I’m so grateful to have met you. Grace be with you. ~P.

Though we originally contracted your help regarding tension within our central office staff, the work with you had greater results than just bandaging this one problem. After you met with me, then our management staff, we now feel a stronger sense of cohesiveness, teamwork on purpose with out individual and group purposes which you helped us verbalize. I felt your materials were especially appropriate. I have personally enjoyed using “True Colors” with family and friends. Many of the changes made need to be institutionalized as part of our corporate culture. Therefore we have decided to ask you for periodic follow-up. ~F.M.

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