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Happy Holidays

The holidays – a busy time of the year for many, and a time to wrap it up for some. Either way it can be very stressful. Do the best you can, don’t take things personally as you go about doing your business and all the tasks that you need to do this time of year. When it seems like it’s getting to be too much, take three deep breaths and bask for a few moments to be grateful for all that you have: from the air that you breathe, to what nourishes you, your relationships, your business and all your successes and challenges. To keep the stress, down do this each morning. The benefits to you are many.

As you go about this celebration season, don’t forget to take the time to celebrate. Entrepreneurs often forget to take the time to do this and, believe me, it pays big dividends. SOOO CELEBRATE!!!!! Here are a few ways to beat stress:

  • Identify what is causing your stress. You may find a pattern emerging that may be linked to time pressure, personality clashes, inappropriate demands or simply trying to do too many things at once. When you have identified your pressure points, you can move on to the following solutions.
  • Talk it through with a good friend or a partner. Ask for impartial advice as to how to ease the problem.
  • Relax. Practice deep-breathing techniques, such as; slowly inhaling through your nose for a count of five. Then slowly breathe out your mouth. Repeat ten times. When feeling stressed, concentrate on nothing but your breathing.
  • Stretch the muscles of your neck and shoulders by keeping your shoulders level and trying to touch each shoulder with your ear. Look right up at the ceiling, down at the floor then rotate each shoulder in a wide circle. Repeat five times. Open and close your jaw widely after each time since stress often causes tenseness in the jaw area.
  • Take time out. Try to shut down and think of nothing but your perfect situation. This could be your dream holiday, your favorite place where you feel peaceful or simply think about doing nothing at all. You will be surprised at how effectively this can lower stress levels.

Have a happy, fun-filled holiday!

Keeping Healthy In These Troubling Times

Last month’s article stressed that the most important part of retirement was your health. You agreed overwhelmingly and that money was a close second.

Out of catastrophic events, most, if not all, of our health issues stem from our thinking thoughts that don’t serve us well. Everything that stirs up our negative thoughts – self-esteem, relationships, stress – lowers our immune system and lets illness in.

Turn on the news, read the paper, or check your portfolio, and it’s not hard to have great concern about our lives and world today. Today’s political and finance chaos is the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime, and the good news is that it will come back around sooner or later and most of us will learn great things from these troubled times.

Our economy in this country is quit cyclical. We go into living abundantly, out of the abundance period comes chaos, and out of chaos period comes discipline then back to abundant. So… “Don’t worry. Be happy.” Embracing that thought will be good for your health.

How do we get out of the fear, worry, and stress syndrome so that we can live happier and healthier lives?

First thing to do is not to create fear and worries about “what if” or “what could be.” We are constantly being bombarded with negativity in our news, conversation, and our email. It is easy to get caught up with the drama of it all. We all seem to have a habit of seeing all the woes in the world and thinking they are ours. This is definitely not good for our mental and physical health.

I’m not suggesting that you bury your head in the sand but to understand what is going on and get out of the fear, worry and drama as soon as possible. Then you’re able to get creative with a clear head and move forward.

Now state what problems or challenges are affecting you right now … today. Ask yourself, what part are you able to do something about and what part is out of your control. Write a list of at least three things you can do and start to implement them now. A plan always can give you some control that can affect the quality of your life and give you some peace of mind.

It’s true; there is a lot of turmoil in our world today. We need to stop ourselves from getting caught up in the drama of it all, for our health sake, and instead look for the pearls of wisdom that are there for us to find. Be Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous!

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