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Your Best Year Ever!

It’s the middle of the first quarter of the New Year. Your year started out with a bang, you’re right on course and it continues to get better. You kept all your resolutions. The weight is falling off, you’ve stop smoking, and you’ve cleared out all the clutter from your office and home. Your finances are in order. You’re making room to attract more money and what you want to come into your life. You’re giving thought and time to improving your business and relationships with self, significant other, family, friends and business associates. You have a strategy in place to make this year the best year ever – personally and professionally. Your confidence is high; your self esteem is peaking. If this is you – great! Congratulations! You are definitely in the minority. If this is not you and you want to be part of this wonderful minority, you certainly can be. It is your choice.

There are natural obstacles that could cause procrastination at this time of the year. Like, just getting through the stress of the holidays, the changing of the seasons, the winter doldrums. There is a circadian rhythm that affects us in winter season – maybe a little depression sets in, or just being lazy. Don’t beat yourself up for not getting it done. You may just need more rest. These are all very normal emotions. This is all part of the human experience, so stop beating up on your self. Take several deep breaths, forgive those events and people that you need to, and clear your energy. Do the best you can. Get some rest, meditate, and visualize your desires for the new year, then allow the new, refreshed YOU to emerge. Your first job is to get into a joyful state. Then, you can start to create all your desires, wants, and needs.

Resolve to keep your resolutions

This could be the year to create heaven right here.

Okay. Your goals, promises, and New Year’s resolutions are in place. You have them in writing. You’ve told all those who will support you, and you even carved them in stone because this year it’s going to happen. You have written each resolution on one page. Now you know how the habit will be formed, what obstacles you may encounter and how to overcome them.

You know how you will reward yourself at each step of the way and what the ultimate reward will be. Finally, you list all the benefits and wonderful ways your life and business will be for the journey and accomplishments. You decided to take time each week to get quiet and visualize all that you wanted. You can see it, smell it, feel it, and taste it as if it were already here. Your intention is set.

As you go about your day, you know that you are clearing away the old paradigm, beliefs and habits to the point where it almost hurts. You’re making way for this new, wonderful, exciting you. Even though you may run into a wall now and then, you want to step up again and keep going because you can, and the rewards are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

So, you did ALL of this – not your normal New Year’s Resolution. Well, if you do this, it just might happen. The learning will be great, and it could be lots of fun. Congratulations!