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Fall is here with all of the familiar changes… The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and there are acorns scattered under the trees. The leaves are falling. Squirrels and other animals are busy storing up food. These are all examples of natural adaptation. The animals and the trees know what they must do to survive and they make these adaptations instinctively. Webster’s dictionary defines adaptation as an adjustment to environmental conditions – modification of an organism – the process of adapting to new conditions.

As humans, we, too, must adapt to changes in our environments. Not all of these adaptations come to us instinctively. Step back and take a look around you at the changes to the environment that make up your world – your physical environment, your business, your finances, your health, recreation, friends and family life. What natural conditions are changing?

Physical Environment: Colder weather, drier skin, cold & flu season, wearing more clothing, staying inside more. You may want to make some changes to the surroundings in your home and office.

Business: Are the needs of your customer changing? Is it time to add or highlight different products, increase new customers, or go after a different market? Is it time to improve some of your skills or to add new ones?

Financial: How and where can you save money? Are you spending too much or too little on food or eating out, clothing, recreation, charity, etc.?

Health: Is it time to change, add or just start to exercise? What type of food and/or supplements do you add to your diet? Are you prepared to stay healthy through the colder months ahead?

Recreation: What do you do for recreation in these months?

Charity: Where do you donate your money, if any? Where do you donate your time (e.g., volunteering)?

How do you adjust to the changes in your environment? First of all, get into your mental helicopter and hover over that time period and capture the awareness of what is changing. Give yourself choices on what and how to make your adaptations and modifications. This will give you a better handle for that time period to add value and quality to your life. If you have a partner in your life, this will provide a lot of good creative conversation. This is being active rather than reactive with your life.

What Are Your Gifts To Your Business/Profession For This Year – 2011?

Are you resolving to create an upgraded version of You? This is where it all starts. And, are you ready to develop Improved Habits in the areas of:

  • Your Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health
  • Your Relationships with Friends, Family and beyond
  • Your Management and Creation of Money and Wealth
  • Your Personal Growth, Fun and Recreation
  • Keeping Yourself Organized

Are you ready to elevate your Business/Profession? 2011 is not the end! IT’S THE BEGINNING!

  • Upgrade or create your company Vision.
  • Take an accurate picture of where your business is now and where you want it to be in December 2011.
  • Do you have your strategic plan in place to get there?
  • Do you know the people and actions needed to implement it?
  • Is your niche and customer base clearly defined?
  • Do you know all of the benefits your products or service offer to your customers?
  • Do you have your marketing plan?
  • Are you ready to turn procrastination into pro-action?
  • What do you need to get started and build greater momentum?

It may look like a lot, but this is how you start to create a better you and a better year. Regardless of whether your business is small or large, you should commit this to writing. Imagine the good feeling and improved quality of life that you will experience if you accomplish what you have been putting off.

Our coaching program is designed to champion you and to help you achieve your desire for a strong start in 2011. Let us help you get these programs off the ground. Begin new and healthy habits.

Keeping Healthy In These Troubling Times

Last month’s article stressed that the most important part of retirement was your health. You agreed overwhelmingly and that money was a close second.

Out of catastrophic events, most, if not all, of our health issues stem from our thinking thoughts that don’t serve us well. Everything that stirs up our negative thoughts – self-esteem, relationships, stress – lowers our immune system and lets illness in.

Turn on the news, read the paper, or check your portfolio, and it’s not hard to have great concern about our lives and world today. Today’s political and finance chaos is the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime, and the good news is that it will come back around sooner or later and most of us will learn great things from these troubled times.

Our economy in this country is quit cyclical. We go into living abundantly, out of the abundance period comes chaos, and out of chaos period comes discipline then back to abundant. So… “Don’t worry. Be happy.” Embracing that thought will be good for your health.

How do we get out of the fear, worry, and stress syndrome so that we can live happier and healthier lives?

First thing to do is not to create fear and worries about “what if” or “what could be.” We are constantly being bombarded with negativity in our news, conversation, and our email. It is easy to get caught up with the drama of it all. We all seem to have a habit of seeing all the woes in the world and thinking they are ours. This is definitely not good for our mental and physical health.

I’m not suggesting that you bury your head in the sand but to understand what is going on and get out of the fear, worry and drama as soon as possible. Then you’re able to get creative with a clear head and move forward.

Now state what problems or challenges are affecting you right now … today. Ask yourself, what part are you able to do something about and what part is out of your control. Write a list of at least three things you can do and start to implement them now. A plan always can give you some control that can affect the quality of your life and give you some peace of mind.

It’s true; there is a lot of turmoil in our world today. We need to stop ourselves from getting caught up in the drama of it all, for our health sake, and instead look for the pearls of wisdom that are there for us to find. Be Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous!

Feel free to contact me for more information or any questions or comments you may have. Contact Pete at or 770-977-2232 The first two emails will receive a free ½ hour of coaching.

When Your Routine Disappears… Will You?

Have you thought about retirement lately? Will it be from the corporate world, or will you exit from your own business? Will you retire completely or work part-time? Whatever you choose, your routine will, for the most part, disappear.

Once the thrill of leaving the company or business and sailing off into the virtual sunset of retirement is gone, some may face an identity crisis. It usually takes between 6 and 13 months for the dissatisfaction and/or depression to set in. Why? The VIP status may evaporate. The many roles you played may come to a halt. Your re-entry back into your family’s and friends’ lives can be challenging. The desire to spend every day involved with your hobbies, golf, tennis, or whatever, may not be satisfying.

However, this chapter of your life can be the best part of your life! How do you make the adjustment so that it can be the best part of your life? A plan with some understanding of the transition you will be faced with is a good start. We have an assessment that can identity and measure some of the success factors that can put you on the road to the best time of your life. These are some areas to be considered:

  1. Work Reorientation: The degree to which you have emotionally distanced yourself from taking your personal identity from work.
  2. Attitude Toward Retirement: Your perception of what your next life stage will be like for you. The new retirement as it will be practiced in the 21st century will bear very little resemblance to the old retirement generally practiced before the turn of the third millennium. New definition has emerged.
  3. Health Perception: Your subjective assessment of the current condition of your overall wellness. When thinking in terms of “retiring from” rather than “retiring to” this can be a “set up” for poor health.
  4. Financial Security: Have you planned sufficiently? Finances alone do not give life meaning, yet there is no underestimating the value of finances in every phase of life, especially the retirement phase.
  5. Family/Relationships Issues: The degree to which you derive satisfaction, intimacy, connectedness, love and a sense of well-being from your primary relationship and/or family life. Your ability to connect.

This stage of life calls for new attitudes, new roles, new responsibilities, new goals and achievements. We have assessment tools that measure 15 success factors for a great retirement.