Breaking free to the ultimate you!

Do you feel stuck, no more passion, can’t get to the next level in your business?

Ask Yourself These Questions:

What Business Are You REALLY In? It’s always more than just the product or service you provide. Give this some thought and find someone with whom you can brainstorm. You will gain many benefits from this process. Also, this will give clarity in helping you decide on specific markets and how to appeal to them.

Why Are You In Your Business? By asking yourself this question, you will get clear on your business purpose and mission.

How Did You Get Into Your Business? Answer this question by grabbing a pen and writing a story. Let your thoughts flow. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with how much insight you will gain.


Intentions: What is your heart’s desire? Who do you want to be? What is the big picture behind the objective?

Meaningful Objectives: What are your tangible outcomes? What specifically do you want to accomplish? What makes this truly meaningful for you?

Learning Plan: Nearly every new intention or meaningful objective will require that you learn something new. Too often we jump into action with incorrect assumptions that we should know it already. This can lead to frustration. What do you need to learn to accomplish your objectives? What resources do you need?

The Environment: How well does your current environment, associates, family and friends support your objectives? Is your network sufficient to provide all the resources you’ll need? What are the obvious obstacles that will get in the way? What have you been tolerating that will drain your attention from what you need to do?

Your answers to these questions will infuse new energy into your business. You will get clarity and laser focus to create bigger results.

Today we are living in extremely challenging times where our security, our economy and life itself is being tested. We all have questions and new ways of looking at life. We entrepreneurs have our own unique set of challenges. You have heard the cliché “Only the strong shall survive.” I would like to notch that up and say that the ones who take the time to adjust, to get organized, to be creative and to have a vision will not only survive, but flourish in all kinds of economic times. You may say “great”, but I just don’t have the time. As soon as I put out one fire another one pops up. I’m working up to 70 hours plus a week as it is. I have to handle the business that is on my plate which I never seem to complete. You’re right, most small businesses operate like this.

Time is a very valuable commodity. Make time your ally. How do you do this? Much has been written on this subject. It will serve you well to step out of the box and explore some of the many ways to manage your time. Make it a priority to learn and put in to practice some of the valuable tools that will work for you. The rewards will be huge. Stop and ask yourself why you are in your business. On the top of your list, you may find Freedom, Money and Self Expression. You will have a lot more of these if you will incorporate these valuable tools in to your business and personal life.

How would you like to possess one tool that can help you to solve many difference types of problems, get more done in less time, and have fun doing it? The cost is but a little time and some conscious awareness. This tool is like the wrench that you may have seen on TV, one wrench that can remove any bolt. This tool, you can use to assist you in your business and life, is Intention. When used properly, intention is very powerful. Just like the wrench, you have to use your intention to get the results… The more you learn how to apply intention, the more powerful your results will be.

Start out with little steps. Before you start your day, set your intention for that day. How do you want your day to look? What outcome would you like? How do you want to interact with the tasks that you will be doing? For instance – you grooming, exercise, meditating, breakfast, and the people you will meet that day, family, friends, associates, customers, and vendors. What challenges need your attention? How would you like to see your interactions go? What out come would you like to see? Say these outcome to yourself or write them down. For example, your grooming will make me feel fresh and sharp; the clothes that I wear will present me in the manner that you intend. Your breakfast will nourish me mentally and physically. My interaction with family, friend’s business associates will be uplifting, supportive, engaging, concerted and productive with clear positive results and actions for the highest good of all. When you set intentions, it is very important to put emotions and feelings behind these intentions. That’s the fuel that will create the results. You can set intentions throughout the day, and at night before you go to bed. This is doing your business by purpose rather than by default.


Fall is here with all of the familiar changes… The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and there are acorns scattered under the trees. The leaves are falling. Squirrels and other animals are busy storing up food. These are all examples of natural adaptation. The animals and the trees know what they must do to survive and they make these adaptations instinctively. Webster’s dictionary defines adaptation as an adjustment to environmental conditions – modification of an organism – the process of adapting to new conditions.

As humans, we, too, must adapt to changes in our environments. Not all of these adaptations come to us instinctively. Step back and take a look around you at the changes to the environment that make up your world – your physical environment, your business, your finances, your health, recreation, friends and family life. What natural conditions are changing?

Physical Environment: Colder weather, drier skin, cold & flu season, wearing more clothing, staying inside more. You may want to make some changes to the surroundings in your home and office.

Business: Are the needs of your customer changing? Is it time to add or highlight different products, increase new customers, or go after a different market? Is it time to improve some of your skills or to add new ones?

Financial: How and where can you save money? Are you spending too much or too little on food or eating out, clothing, recreation, charity, etc.?

Health: Is it time to change, add or just start to exercise? What type of food and/or supplements do you add to your diet? Are you prepared to stay healthy through the colder months ahead?

Recreation: What do you do for recreation in these months?

Charity: Where do you donate your money, if any? Where do you donate your time (e.g., volunteering)?

How do you adjust to the changes in your environment? First of all, get into your mental helicopter and hover over that time period and capture the awareness of what is changing. Give yourself choices on what and how to make your adaptations and modifications. This will give you a better handle for that time period to add value and quality to your life. If you have a partner in your life, this will provide a lot of good creative conversation. This is being active rather than reactive with your life.

1. Retire to something. Leaving your retirement to chance is taking a big risk. Don’t expect everything to just fall into place. Be ready for one of the biggest changes in your life. You will rest easier and have more confidence in your future knowing you are prepared. There seems to be an attraction about having no schedule, no responsibilities and no obligation. This may work for a while, but then… bam! The honeymoon is over. No structure or focus to your day can lead to depression, loss of balance and meaning in your life.

2. Stretch and expand yourself in ways you’ve never done before. There is nothing attractive about being idle for a long time. You may want/need to work, pursue a business opportunity or do some volunteer work. Explore your community in ways you’ve never done before. Expand this to your state and even the world. There is likely to be activities to do or sights to see in your area that you never took the time to seek out. Is now the time? Reads books, go to plays, learn a musical instrument, learn a language, take a class, teach a class. Go beyond your limitations. Seek out activities that bring you pleasure. Try things you never had the wherewithal or the guts to try. Get those creative juices going! Don’t ever stop learning.

3. Develop or enhance healthy habits. It has been proven that regular exercise – both mental and physical – keeps you looking and feeling younger. You sleep better. You become sick less often. And that means fewer doctor’s appointments and fewer medical bills. It helps a great deal to make your exercise fun. Try activities by yourself or with a friend. What did you like to do years ago? Try it again. Simply keep moving: doing errands, going to social events, volunteering and visiting family and friends.

Retirement is that special time that you work so hard to achieve. Use this time to make your dreams come true. This could easily be the longest stage of your life! You may have 10 to 40+ years ahead of you. Live it with passion and abundance.

Are you cashing out of your business? Are you leaving the corporate world? When? How? What’s next?

When you read the paper, watch the news, buy food or gas up the car you know the dollar is shrinking. Those who are approaching retirement are probably already feeling the financial strain and the concerns are running high. Finances are a very crucial part of retirement and your attention to them are important, however it is only one of the fifteen factors that contribute to a happy, enjoyable, fun and balanced retirement.

You’ve been working and planning your entire life to achieve an ideal retirement lifestyle. How will you define your next life chapter?

The Retirement Success Profile – along with a trained professional retirement coach – will help you generate options for a successful and enriching retirement life. This will help whether you are looking towards retirement, already retired, or think the WORD ITSELF should be retired. Knowing where you are on all fronts is the first step in designing what can and should be the best most rewarding chapter in your life.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Identify Your Retirement Strengths and Concerns
  • Create A Personal Retirement Mission Statement
  • Design Your Personal Retirement options Plan

Some of the benefits of ‘Retirement Coaching ’’:

  • A clear picture of your retirement standing
  • The formulation of “next step actions”
  • Positioning you for heightened personal meaning
  • Helping you avoid costly retirement “mistakes”
  • Helping crystallize your retirement vision
  • Confirming retirement plans

This results in creating the best chapter of your life with more meaning, balance and fun, etc.

Creating Alliances

The strategic alliance is a joint venture and partnership between two companies or individuals to advance each other’s position. Especially in today’s business environment, it’s quicker and less expensive to gain additional markets and sales. By creating a successful alliance, you and your alliance partner will gain much value in many ways.

Begin by evaluating what products, services, niches, and specialties you offer. Identify your niches which are the market segments your focus on. For example: entrepreneurs, dentists, schools, parents and home owners etc. Identify your specialty, which is a set of skills or proficiencies that can be used across many professions, industries, and niches. A specialty is what you’re good at doing or making or teaching or selling.

Next – identify your target professions, industries, niches, and specialties that you would like to pursue. Now make an “I Wish List.” For example: “I wish my Dental Practice Building Workbooks were standard training for every dental office worker nationwide.” Then you think about individuals and businesses you could create an alliance with that would put your workbook in every dental practice in the country. You could reach out to the Dental Association and offer to speak at their annual meeting, as long as your materials were available at the back of the room. Contact editors of magazines who go to that market and offer to write free articles in exchange for mention of your workbook and your website. Any company that sells products to dental practices, make an offer to their email data base in return for leads you provide for them. The ideas are endless.

You see your “I Wish List” has helped you identify your target, and you are now going full steam ahead. So make an “I Wish List”, get out of the box, get away from “going it alone,” think big, and do brainstorm sessions with your associates. You will be surprised at how many different ways you can create alliances to improve your business for very little or no expense. So . . .just do it!

We have been talking about retirement in the last few entries. The topics that were discussed are:

  • The old and new meaning of retirement.
  • The importance of finances – plus 14 other success factor that attribute to a successful retirement.
  • The Challenges and how this can and should be the best part of you life.

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself as you move toward retirement:

  1. Why am I retiring?
    Am I tired? Need a change? Need a year away from work? Want to travel?
  2. Do I really want to retire [not work]?
    Am I calling it retirement when, in fact, I’d rather keep working, but on a limiting basis?
  3. What haven’t I done yet that I’ve always wanted to do or try? [your bucket list]
    Travel extensively? Paint? Write? Volunteer? Be lazy? Read for pleasure? Watch TV? Be entertained? Take great care of my body? Etc.
  4. How much choice do I really have, financially?
    How much can I spend each month without worry? Are my investments safe enough for me? Do I need to work part time or in cycles [like every 6 months or every several years]? Do I need to move into a smaller home/condo? Etc.
  5. How good is my relationship with my children/family?
    Am I loved/wanted? Am I a drag? How often will I/we be seeing them?
  6. How good is my relationship with self and my spouse?
  7. How can I stay healthy for as long as possible?
  8. What are the traps that other retiree’s fall into that I wish avoid?
  9. How will I continue to feel vital and get all of my emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual needs met?
  10. Do I truly realize that THIS is MY time – to do EXACTLY as I wish?

Most people spend more time planning their vacations than they do planning for their retirement. I would like to help you with your plan. I encourage anyone considering retirement to think about and answer these questions honestly. Feel free to contact me for further information or if you have any questions.