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Peter Allen is President of Allen Consultants & Associates, Inc. since 1985. His firm specializes in entrepreneurial and corporate coaching, working with entrepreneurs, executives, managers and sales professionals. His background includes seven years of project management at IBM. He has over thirty five years in the field sales experience, hired, trained, and managed hundreds of sales personnel to sell tangible and intangible products and / or services. He trained and consulted with owners of franchises throughout the USA and Canada to successfully manage all areas of the franchise. His background also includes three years as a financial consultant. He conducted training in the areas of leadership development, communication, goal setting, sales and personality assessment. He created and sold several successful businesses.

Peter building on his background has found that his passion is in coaching entrepreneurs, executives, sales professional and managers to achieve their goals and objectives while enhance their quality of life. His coaching approach emphasizes life balance with a focus on results, supporting the strategic initiatives of the organization. He supports individuals in developing meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. He is very influential in inspiring those he works with to move beyond their perceived barriers to success.

He has a degree in business management. He completed a one year program on Dr. Deming’s Total Quality Management System. He is a trained mediator, business, life and retirement coach has a certificate from the Coach Training Institute and is a Registered Corporate Coach, a designation awarded by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches. A life time member of coachville university.

He is a member of the Georgia Coach Association, and the Worldwide Association of
Business Coaches. He is also active in raising funds for organizations such as Multiple Sclerosis, through his avid passion for biking.

For more information, please contact Pete.

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