Breaking free to the ultimate you!

Do you feel stuck, no more passion, can’t get to the next level in your business?

Ask Yourself These Questions:

What Business Are You REALLY In? It’s always more than just the product or service you provide. Give this some thought and find someone with whom you can brainstorm. You will gain many benefits from this process. Also, this will give clarity in helping you decide on specific markets and how to appeal to them.

Why Are You In Your Business? By asking yourself this question, you will get clear on your business purpose and mission.

How Did You Get Into Your Business? Answer this question by grabbing a pen and writing a story. Let your thoughts flow. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with how much insight you will gain.


Intentions: What is your heart’s desire? Who do you want to be? What is the big picture behind the objective?

Meaningful Objectives: What are your tangible outcomes? What specifically do you want to accomplish? What makes this truly meaningful for you?

Learning Plan: Nearly every new intention or meaningful objective will require that you learn something new. Too often we jump into action with incorrect assumptions that we should know it already. This can lead to frustration. What do you need to learn to accomplish your objectives? What resources do you need?

The Environment: How well does your current environment, associates, family and friends support your objectives? Is your network sufficient to provide all the resources you’ll need? What are the obvious obstacles that will get in the way? What have you been tolerating that will drain your attention from what you need to do?

Your answers to these questions will infuse new energy into your business. You will get clarity and laser focus to create bigger results.

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