Breaking free to the ultimate you!

Today we are living in extremely challenging times where our security, our economy and life itself is being tested. We all have questions and new ways of looking at life. We entrepreneurs have our own unique set of challenges. You have heard the cliché “Only the strong shall survive.” I would like to notch that up and say that the ones who take the time to adjust, to get organized, to be creative and to have a vision will not only survive, but flourish in all kinds of economic times. You may say “great”, but I just don’t have the time. As soon as I put out one fire another one pops up. I’m working up to 70 hours plus a week as it is. I have to handle the business that is on my plate which I never seem to complete. You’re right, most small businesses operate like this.

Time is a very valuable commodity. Make time your ally. How do you do this? Much has been written on this subject. It will serve you well to step out of the box and explore some of the many ways to manage your time. Make it a priority to learn and put in to practice some of the valuable tools that will work for you. The rewards will be huge. Stop and ask yourself why you are in your business. On the top of your list, you may find Freedom, Money and Self Expression. You will have a lot more of these if you will incorporate these valuable tools in to your business and personal life.

How would you like to possess one tool that can help you to solve many difference types of problems, get more done in less time, and have fun doing it? The cost is but a little time and some conscious awareness. This tool is like the wrench that you may have seen on TV, one wrench that can remove any bolt. This tool, you can use to assist you in your business and life, is Intention. When used properly, intention is very powerful. Just like the wrench, you have to use your intention to get the results… The more you learn how to apply intention, the more powerful your results will be.

Start out with little steps. Before you start your day, set your intention for that day. How do you want your day to look? What outcome would you like? How do you want to interact with the tasks that you will be doing? For instance – you grooming, exercise, meditating, breakfast, and the people you will meet that day, family, friends, associates, customers, and vendors. What challenges need your attention? How would you like to see your interactions go? What out come would you like to see? Say these outcome to yourself or write them down. For example, your grooming will make me feel fresh and sharp; the clothes that I wear will present me in the manner that you intend. Your breakfast will nourish me mentally and physically. My interaction with family, friend’s business associates will be uplifting, supportive, engaging, concerted and productive with clear positive results and actions for the highest good of all. When you set intentions, it is very important to put emotions and feelings behind these intentions. That’s the fuel that will create the results. You can set intentions throughout the day, and at night before you go to bed. This is doing your business by purpose rather than by default.

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