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Retirement – Tips on making it the best time of your life

1. Retire to something. Leaving your retirement to chance is taking a big risk. Don’t expect everything to just fall into place. Be ready for one of the biggest changes in your life. You will rest easier and have more confidence in your future knowing you are prepared. There seems to be an attraction about having no schedule, no responsibilities and no obligation. This may work for a while, but then… bam! The honeymoon is over. No structure or focus to your day can lead to depression, loss of balance and meaning in your life.

2. Stretch and expand yourself in ways you’ve never done before. There is nothing attractive about being idle for a long time. You may want/need to work, pursue a business opportunity or do some volunteer work. Explore your community in ways you’ve never done before. Expand this to your state and even the world. There is likely to be activities to do or sights to see in your area that you never took the time to seek out. Is now the time? Reads books, go to plays, learn a musical instrument, learn a language, take a class, teach a class. Go beyond your limitations. Seek out activities that bring you pleasure. Try things you never had the wherewithal or the guts to try. Get those creative juices going! Don’t ever stop learning.

3. Develop or enhance healthy habits. It has been proven that regular exercise – both mental and physical – keeps you looking and feeling younger. You sleep better. You become sick less often. And that means fewer doctor’s appointments and fewer medical bills. It helps a great deal to make your exercise fun. Try activities by yourself or with a friend. What did you like to do years ago? Try it again. Simply keep moving: doing errands, going to social events, volunteering and visiting family and friends.

Retirement is that special time that you work so hard to achieve. Use this time to make your dreams come true. This could easily be the longest stage of your life! You may have 10 to 40+ years ahead of you. Live it with passion and abundance.

You’re Retiring… So Now What?

Are you cashing out of your business? Are you leaving the corporate world? When? How? What’s next?

When you read the paper, watch the news, buy food or gas up the car you know the dollar is shrinking. Those who are approaching retirement are probably already feeling the financial strain and the concerns are running high. Finances are a very crucial part of retirement and your attention to them are important, however it is only one of the fifteen factors that contribute to a happy, enjoyable, fun and balanced retirement.

You’ve been working and planning your entire life to achieve an ideal retirement lifestyle. How will you define your next life chapter?

The Retirement Success Profile – along with a trained professional retirement coach – will help you generate options for a successful and enriching retirement life. This will help whether you are looking towards retirement, already retired, or think the WORD ITSELF should be retired. Knowing where you are on all fronts is the first step in designing what can and should be the best most rewarding chapter in your life.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Identify Your Retirement Strengths and Concerns
  • Create A Personal Retirement Mission Statement
  • Design Your Personal Retirement options Plan

Some of the benefits of ‘Retirement Coaching ’’:

  • A clear picture of your retirement standing
  • The formulation of “next step actions”
  • Positioning you for heightened personal meaning
  • Helping you avoid costly retirement “mistakes”
  • Helping crystallize your retirement vision
  • Confirming retirement plans

This results in creating the best chapter of your life with more meaning, balance and fun, etc.