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Top 10 Reasons to Delegate

In the August 2006 issue I gave 10 top tips on How to Delegate. I’m seeing another challenge for entrepreneurs / managers on why they should delegate.

The art of delegating is anything but the practice of “dumping” responsibility off your plate onto someone else. Delegation requires a vision toward maximizing your time and talents by focusing on the right mix of things to achieve your larger objectives. Here are some reasons for dealing out tasks that are best performed by others:

  1. Frees up your time and energy to perform at a higher level.
  2. Lets you see more clearly what task or projects need your direct attention.
  3. Giving responsibility to other in your group fosters team-building. Make sure that the objectives of the responsibilities are clear and agreed to in order to get buy-in.
  4. Lends a new dimension as to how thing can be done. Can lead to interesting results!
  5. Builds others’ skills and self esteem. Delegating reflects trust in that person’s ability to perform.
  6. Delegation reduces delay.
  7. Creates greater efficiency if tasks are delegated to and performed by individuals with more expertise than you have. No need to reinvent the wheel. There are outside vendors and consultants for just about anything. Don’t overlook in-house expertise.
  8. Can help get work done on time.
  9. Skillful delegation creates win-win situations for all involved.
  10. A good exercise to develop your letting go and trusting.

My hope is that the above-named reasons will encourage you to practice delegating. Your business and life will be that much better for it.

Love… Does it belong in the workplace?

Yes. The feeling, thought and the word belongs in your business and work place. Because . . . let’s face it . . . whether you believe it or not . . . you built your business, your skills and talents from the energy of love. The products and or services you provide come from those skills and talents and they are as unique to you as your finger print.

When you provide your service and/or products from your job or business, you are paid for it. The money you receive comes from the energy of love. Money is another way of moving that energy around.

Here is a case and point that money is another form of love. At the beginning – before money was created – this is how it worked: the person who made candles did it because it was his talent; he or she learned this skill because of a love for making candles. The one who worked with wood built things because he loved doing it. The farmer grew things because he loved doing it, etc. When the farmer needed candles he would trade some of his crop for candles and so on . . . and so on. This is how people passed on to each other the things they loved to do to fill the needs of others. As it became more complicated, bartering came into being and then money was created.

In today’s complicated world we lose sight of the fact that we get paid for selling the things that we are talented, skilled and passionate about. It’s true . . . a lot of people do work that they don’t like in order to earn money. If that’s the case, rather than stress or struggle, learn to love the work you’re doing until you discover and are able to do the work you love.

Why is it valuable to see our business and work this way? There are many reasons why the more you embrace this paradigm the more enjoyment you will have in building your life and business, solving your challenges and delivering your services. Through that process you will be improving your skill and becoming a master at it.

Here is a very powerful quote I read a long time ago that still serves me very well in my business:

“The more you love what you’re doing, the sooner it will give up its secrets to you.”