Breaking free to the ultimate you!

Why do I need to plan? My money is ok . . . or almost ok. I’m going to have all the time to do what I want.

Every person’s life journey brings them to critical points of transition where choices and decisions are made. We can all draw examples from educational experiences, career choices, and personal relationships. We have since identified these choices as added good to ours lives – or not so good. One point we can agree upon is that those decisions had a permanent and lasting impact upon our future.

As we mature, we add to our lives the constant awareness of how important it is to make major decisions carefully because of their great and lasting impact on the quality of our lives.

If you are in your fifties and beyond, you are moving toward another major life transition that should be and can be the best time of your life. And, this time, you know how important planning and preparation will be for your quality of life and life satisfaction.

Retirement today is not like the old retirement. We are retiring earlier; average age now is 57. We are creating new, passionate careers and activities, and having more challenges, choices and time. I like to call it rewirement.

Preparing for your retirement transition is important. This preparation occurs in two dimensions. For most people, there is first an external or formal time when “it” happens when we actually retire. Simultaneously, there is also an internal, silent process occurring that has really been working for some time. This is much more in the area of a psychological and very personal nature and is absolutely crucial to the satisfactory completion of this life transition stage.

Coaching will help you manage both of these processes.

  • You will receive personal information enabling you to successfully negotiate this transition in you life.
  • You will learn to identify and understand the fifteen factors of retirement success.
  • You will be able decide on whatever adjustment you feel may be necessary to guarantee your successful completion of important life goals.
  • You will gain clarity on the level of quality life experience you believe is necessary for your well being and happiness as you move into the process of preparation, planning, and self-discovery.

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