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Retirement Planning: Is it just financial?

Why do I need to plan? My money is ok . . . or almost ok. I’m going to have all the time to do what I want.

Every person’s life journey brings them to critical points of transition where choices and decisions are made. We can all draw examples from educational experiences, career choices, and personal relationships. We have since identified these choices as added good to ours lives – or not so good. One point we can agree upon is that those decisions had a permanent and lasting impact upon our future.

As we mature, we add to our lives the constant awareness of how important it is to make major decisions carefully because of their great and lasting impact on the quality of our lives.

If you are in your fifties and beyond, you are moving toward another major life transition that should be and can be the best time of your life. And, this time, you know how important planning and preparation will be for your quality of life and life satisfaction.

Retirement today is not like the old retirement. We are retiring earlier; average age now is 57. We are creating new, passionate careers and activities, and having more challenges, choices and time. I like to call it rewirement.

Preparing for your retirement transition is important. This preparation occurs in two dimensions. For most people, there is first an external or formal time when “it” happens when we actually retire. Simultaneously, there is also an internal, silent process occurring that has really been working for some time. This is much more in the area of a psychological and very personal nature and is absolutely crucial to the satisfactory completion of this life transition stage.

Coaching will help you manage both of these processes.

  • You will receive personal information enabling you to successfully negotiate this transition in you life.
  • You will learn to identify and understand the fifteen factors of retirement success.
  • You will be able decide on whatever adjustment you feel may be necessary to guarantee your successful completion of important life goals.
  • You will gain clarity on the level of quality life experience you believe is necessary for your well being and happiness as you move into the process of preparation, planning, and self-discovery.

Are you wanting to go to the next level?

Do your business and/or life feel stagnant? Are there no real improvements or growth going on? Are you feeling comfortable like the crab? If he stays in his shell, he feels safe and never grows. Would you like to step out of that ho hum comfort zone, get reenergized and grow?

Where are you? What is it that you think you should do but are resistant? Be truthful with yourself. Are you just not sold on doing the changes, or are you fearful of doing it?

If it’s fear it could be the biggest fear we all face – the fear of failure. This can be perceived as not being smart enough, no courage, or just plain lazy. Whatever it is it will tear down your self-esteem. It’s impossible to function at peak performance when your self-esteem is low.

So what do you do? Change you perception of what failure is. The word failure doesn’t need to be in your vocabulary. It conjures up a lot of negative thoughts and feelings that don’t serve you well.

In reality what is failure? “You missed the mark”. When you’re playing darts and you miss your mark, you make a few corrections and throw another dart. If you never missed the mark it would be very boring for you. The miss or “failure” give us the opportunity to learn, make adjustments and continue to improve. This approach will serve you better. It’s productive, fun and doesn’t tear down your self esteem. In fact, it will improve it.

When you’re about to implement the change and you feel the resistance, ask yourself what the resistance is. Are you not sold on doing it or are you fearful of doing it? If you’re not sold on it, you know what to do. If it’s fear, ask yourself:

  • What resources do I need?
  • Do I have the resources, and if not, where can I get them?
  • What is the time period and checkpoints for completion?
  • What’s the risk? Can I live with that? What are the rewards?
  • When I run into a barrier I will gather the learning and implement the adjustments.
  • What are the joys of the journey and the benefits of its success?

Once you have your plan in place and questions answered, then make your commitment. The fear will be replaced with a renewed excitement and vigor. You will feel a renewed energy, keen sharpness and vitality as when you first began your business or relationship.

Do you remember how you felt at the beginning? Remove the fear. Replace it with that new excitement and love and get that feeling back.

Have a wonderful journey!