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The response from the e-mails I have been receiving shows that one of the major challenges for entrepreneurs / managers is to delegate. Why is it such a challenge? The most common answer is, “It is easier to do it myself.” When you delegate the responsibility to do a project and it’s not successful, the failure is usually due to lack of clear communication about what is required. Here are some tips to help you to start delegating, and gain confidence in doing it:

1. List everything that you can delegate in your business or job.

  • Against each item, put the name of the person who you are delegating to.

2. Before delegating any task, set the expectations and ensure that the person understands:

  • the outcome that you expect,
  • what you want them to do, and how to go about the task,
  • the resources they need to do it,
  • if training is needed, time will be made for training,
  • when the work needs to be completed, and checkpoints if needed,
  • that they are accountable for the success of the task.

3. The first time you delegate a task, start with something small.

  • When complete, give feedback, and let them know how well they did it.

4. Delegate enough authority so they are able to accomplish the results.

5. Put necessary info in writing and give a copy to the other person.

6. Don’t hover!

  • Leave the person alone to do the work, but be available for questions.

7. Agree on checkpoints to keep track of the progress, if needed.

  • Give support and direction, but don’t fall into the trap of doing the work.

8. Review and evaluate results at the end or the agreed upon time.

9. Expect results, but not perfection.

  • There are many ways to get results, so don’t insist that everyone does it “your way”. They may see a quicker / more effective way of tackling the task! You may be very surprised.

10. Give lots of praise for a job well done.

  • If you have given clear instructions at the beginning, you should have a successful outcome.

Congratulate yourself because delegating takes a bit of patience, overcoming fear, building trust and stepping out of the box. It’s well worth it because your rewards are many in the success for you and your business.

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