Breaking free to the ultimate you!

No, this is NOT an article about how to attract the opposite sex. The term irresistibly attractive refers to more than that. To be irresistibly attractive means that you attract those things that you desire – great people, opportunities, ideas and more. These things COME TO YOU. You do not chase them or seduce them or force them to happen. You simply attract them in to your life. Once you learn how to become more attractive, you are like a magnet bringing more wonderful things in to your business and in to your life. Here are a few ideas to help you to become irresistibly attractive.

Realizing that the law of attraction is very powerful, you should begin by turning your attention and your intention to what you desire. This will activate the energy and vibration to bring it about. Think big, really big. Attraction occurs when there is a healthy vacuum between you and what you want to have happen. The wider the gap, the greater the pulling power of attraction.

Eliminate the holes in your life. Where are you being depleted – by whom and what? Plug those holes by extending boundaries, raising standards, resolving past issues, and getting in sync. Attraction won’t find you until you’re ready. Get ready.

Pay attention to what’s happening to you and around you right now. Attraction LIVES in the moment, not in the future. Are you responding fully to both the problems and the opportunities that are occurring right now, in your space? Gotta start here, where attraction can find you. Increase your awareness of yourself, those around you, how you think, and your life assumptions.

Add value to whomever or whatever you encounter. When you add what you have to others’ lives, you become much more attractive.
Build a reserve in all areas. When you have enough money, time, space, love, ideas, opportunities, friends, you’ll become an even stronger magnet for what you want—because you won’t NEED it.

Keep in mind, attraction always starts from your thoughts and intention about what you desire. Don’t focus on what you don’t have because it will bring more of that also. The more you become aware and use the law of attraction for what you desire in your life, the more beautiful your life will become.

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