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Celebration Time

One of the things that we seem to not do enough of is to take the time to celebrate our successes and wonderful things that please us in our business and life. We may think it just doesn’t seem that important to us. – It’s, already done; that’s great; lets move on, got task to do, fires to put out sales to increase. We’ve learn this is what a responsible business person does if we are to get ahead.

As a business person we need to have vision, creativity, passion, drive and skills and constantly improving them. This is how we achieve the monetary rewards and the satisfaction which comes from our self expression in our work which we chose because we love to do it. If you’re not passionate anymore about your work, it’s time to step back and take a good look. There are many things you can do to get the zest back. That’s one of the things we work with in coaching our clients.

When you recall and celebrate all the wonderful things that happen in your day, you create energy that attracts more of what you want in your life. Just by acknowledging your appreciation for it is a form of celebration. I have a client who looks for at least three things at the end of each day that he can be thankful for and appreciate. Some days that can be difficult. It causes you to look deeper. It could be as simple as getting inspired by a conversation you had with a person or you just reached you first million in sales. The energy that you create with this habit is a very powerful asset for you in your business and personal life. Try it out for thirty days.

I’ve got to tell you what inspired this article! A few days ago a beautiful soul came to this planet as my grandson. For those of you who have experienced being a grandparent, you know there are not enough pages in this magazine to express [celebrate] the joy that this brings.

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