Breaking free to the ultimate you!

Another beautiful fall season is upon us. It is a great time to make the rest of the year better.

How can I do that? Take a good look at your business and shed the old unneeded systems and beliefs which are not serving you well. One way is to understand where you are now in terms of your business development and where you are heading. For most of us we rarely, if ever, take the time to get a good look at where we stand with our business development and marking systems.

Here are a few questions that will get you started to look at what you may need to focus on.  Can you answer “yes” to every one of them?

  1. I know exactly who my target clients/ customers are.
  2. I can name at least 3 publications they subscribe to.
  3. I can name 2 major challenges or wants my prospects have.
  4. I have just the right solution to help solve them.
  5. My prospect clearly understands what I do and how I can help them.
  6. I follow up with every prospect.
  7. I have created at least one marketing program to solve a specific set of problems or satisfy a desire.
  8. I have written a sales letter which explains each product or service in detail.
  9. I have a website that promotes my business.
  10. My business has increased noticeably in the last 12 months.

If you have more than three “No”’s it would be to your benefit to get your creative juices flowing and or contact me and take advanage of my free hour coaching. Have a prosperous and joyful fall.

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