Breaking free to the ultimate you!

Have you thought about retirement lately? Will it be from the corporate world, or will you exit from your own business? Will you retire completely or work part-time? Whatever you choose, your routine will, for the most part, disappear.

Once the thrill of leaving the company or business and sailing off into the virtual sunset of retirement is gone, some may face an identity crisis. It usually takes between 6 and 13 months for the dissatisfaction and/or depression to set in. Why? The VIP status may evaporate. The many roles you played may come to a halt. Your re-entry back into your family’s and friends’ lives can be challenging. The desire to spend every day involved with your hobbies, golf, tennis, or whatever, may not be satisfying.

However, this chapter of your life can be the best part of your life! How do you make the adjustment so that it can be the best part of your life? A plan with some understanding of the transition you will be faced with is a good start. We have an assessment that can identity and measure some of the success factors that can put you on the road to the best time of your life. These are some areas to be considered:

  1. Work Reorientation: The degree to which you have emotionally distanced yourself from taking your personal identity from work.
  2. Attitude Toward Retirement: Your perception of what your next life stage will be like for you. The new retirement as it will be practiced in the 21st century will bear very little resemblance to the old retirement generally practiced before the turn of the third millennium. New definition has emerged.
  3. Health Perception: Your subjective assessment of the current condition of your overall wellness. When thinking in terms of “retiring from” rather than “retiring to” this can be a “set up” for poor health.
  4. Financial Security: Have you planned sufficiently? Finances alone do not give life meaning, yet there is no underestimating the value of finances in every phase of life, especially the retirement phase.
  5. Family/Relationships Issues: The degree to which you derive satisfaction, intimacy, connectedness, love and a sense of well-being from your primary relationship and/or family life. Your ability to connect.

This stage of life calls for new attitudes, new roles, new responsibilities, new goals and achievements. We have assessment tools that measure 15 success factors for a great retirement.

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