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The Power of Choice

We are making choices every second of the day, from a small simple thought, to major thoughts that turn into an action that will be either implemented or will cause you to procrastinate. You may be familiar with the phrase “Your thoughts create your reality.” Become familiar with this phrase if you aren’t already. If you are then I suggest you become even more familiar with it. This realization can take the rest of your life to own. The more you understand how thought creates your reality the more fulfilled your life can be. Deciding to do this can be the first choice you make in creating a better life and business.

Stop and listen to your thoughts throughout the day. Ask yourself, “Is this thought serving me well or not?” You have a choice to make if it’s not serving you well. You can choose to change the thought which will serve you better. These thoughts are like bricks set into fresh concrete. Eventually it will materialize, so be conscious of your thoughts.

You say, “That’s great, but what about this tough business choice I have to make every day?” For example: Should I hire another person or not? Should I leave early Tuesday to see my son’s baseball game? Is it time now to take this business to the next level?

Here are the ABCs to assist you in making choices.

A: Get clear on what your choices are and stretch your thinking. There are always a few more appropriate choices. Listen to your thoughts around them.
B: What outcome do you want?
C: Feel it and see it happen. Get your emotions into it. Cancel out any destructive thoughts.

Here are some powerful choices we tend to overlook that can make a big difference to your success and happiness:

  1. The choice to let go and move on. Think about this one.
  2. The choice to confront our beliefs. Maybe the belief was true at some point in your life and now it does not serve you.
  3. The choice to go for something bigger. Whenever you’re hung up on a choice. Ask yourself what could be bigger…put at least three more options on the table.
  4. The choice to support others in doing things their own way. How often do we get our shorts in a twist because someone else does things differently than we would? You may want to explore Myers-Briggs or the DISC to deepen your appreciation for the many legitimate ways in which people differ.
  5. The choice to accept fully what is. This choice is ALWAYS available when acceptance is enough on its own to reveal the success and peace you seek. It is also the first step before you decide to create something new.

Now you have another choice to use this to better you life and business or not.

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